Tukang Besi Permatang Benuan

Permatang Benuan Blacksmiths is one of the oldest cultural steel equipment manufacturer that active in business since 1841. They are the only manufacturers traditional Malay weapons, famous not only in Penang but throughout northern Peninsular Malaysia. Based on records, Sultan of Kedah placed these blacksmiths specifically to prepare weapons for his armed forces to strike against British. During those days, Seberang Perai was a province under Kedah's rule. These blacksmiths of Pekan Darat manufactured weaponry for Kedah's armforces such as cannonballs and steel weaponry during Siam - Kedah War from 1821 - 1842.

Description by Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai's 'Seberang Perai Heritage Map'

Permatang Benuan, Jalan Pekan Darat, Butterworth, 13800, Penang, MALAYSIA