Penang in all its complexity is presented in bite-sized stories, guides and interviews, to be taken in and savoured slowly.

Here’s a guide on good spots to chill, exhale, have a drink, people watch or simply be with friends for an evening out while enjoying the different facets of Penang. By Su Aziz
Here are a handful of indoor and outdoor activities from sedate bookish events to robust blood-pumping actions that you can be a part of while in Penang.
Here are a handful of dishes that capture Penang for what it is – a multicultural society and history with a large dose of colonialism.
Every meal of the day is an important one when in Penang and this attitude has fuelled the popularity of its street food for decades.
There are enough excuses to be in Penang but November and December offer a few more to add to that list that’ll make it a must-visit destination.
Penang is well-known for its tapestry of vibrant cultures, authentic cuisines and great attractions. Here’s how you can immerse yourself into the rich culture and lifestyle of the people in this northern region. By Janice Kua
This Muslim new year is celebrated with introspection, new resolutions and self-improvement amid a festive mood.
This nine days religious and cultural festival is celebrated by Hindu devotees of goddesses Gurda, Lakhsmi and Saraswati.
Penang was once a hub for traditional trades that are fading fast and rapidly replaced by things more in demand in today’s fast-evolving world. Get to know some of them before they are extinct. By Su Aziz
Find out why these cafés stand out among the many that have mushroomed in Penang. Notice a common thread influencing their uniqueness that has nothing to do with the food served. By Su Aziz.
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