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The late Anthony Bourdain may have fallen in love with nasi kandar but did you know that there are other equally delicious rice dishes apart from nasi kandar?
A common favourite amongst Penangites be it for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner or supper, here's a round-the-clock list for Penang nasi kandar.
Penang's "10 Days 3 Festivals", a veritable relay race of festivals.
An annual public and free street event celebrating art, heritage and culture, aiming to promote the development of both local and international art and putting the spotlight on the mainland Penang community of Butterworth.
Once a year, stretches of stalls pop-up in various areas in Penang selling delectable Malay fare for breaking fast during Muslim’s fasting month, Ramadan. By Su Aziz.
An experience like never before and a worthy ‘gift’ to bring home with you. Do you love eating? And what about eating authentic Penang cuisines? Just out of curiosity, we spent a morning at the Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School and here, we’d like to share our experience. By Janice Kua.
Here’s a guide on good spots to chill, exhale, have a drink, people watch or simply be with friends for an evening out while enjoying the different facets of Penang. By Su Aziz
Here are a handful of indoor and outdoor activities from sedate bookish events to robust blood-pumping actions that you can be a part of while in Penang.
Here are a handful of dishes that capture Penang for what it is – a multicultural society and history with a large dose of colonialism.
Every meal of the day is an important one when in Penang and this attitude has fuelled the popularity of its street food for decades.
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